About Us

Welcome to MukbangEats

Mukbang - made up of the Korean words for "eating" (mukneun) and "broadcast" (bangsong)

MukbangEats has leveraged IT technology to transform the long-established food delivery industry.

Finding nearby pick-up or delivery restaurants has never been easier, and thanks to reviews it’s easy to choose. Now we are turning MukbangEats on for granted instead of flyers saying, “Would you like to eat delivery food?”

MukbangEats have high advertising effectiveness. It is a platform that connects a large number of customers with the owner of a restaurant. Another great advantage is that you can communicate with customers through reviews and comments and improve service quality.

Awards & Recognition

Industry leaders and influencers recognize Overstock as one of the most trust worthy retail companies in the U.S., ranking high for both customer and employee satisfaction.